WhatsNew Page Overview:

This is the WhatsNew page. It displays text and the latest information posted on the web site including recent additions, local weather, frequent questions and recent system enhancements. It is usually the first page that a person sees after logging in.

Viewing and Navigating the WhatsNew page

Each section will display a maximum of 5 items - in most cases it will be the most recently posted items, but in the case of calendar events it will display the next 5 upcoming scheduled events. If an item contains too much text, you will see a <hover for more> comment. Hovering over the text will display the full content of the posting or message.

You can click on the 'Listed In' column text to jump directly to the entire section containing the item, or you can click on the item's 'Title' to jump directly to the full item.

If new items have been posted since your last visit to the site, you will see a message like this:

Since your visit on 03/06/2009 02:25:27 PM there have been:
* 2 New Messages
* 18 New or Changed Posts
View ONLY these Items by Clicking Here

Clicking the link will allow you to display only the new items since your last visit.

Board Members may also see regional or national HOA Legal News Headlines, depending upon the site settings of the site administrator.

Editing the WhatsNew page

You can edit the text content on the upper part of the page by clicking the Edit button. The other items listed are pulled from the other pages of the site in a way that is appropriate for each person who logs in.

Right Sidebar: When editing the page, be aware that you can also add or edit ONE section of the right 'sidebar' section (Sidebar 2). If you have a sidebar titled, it will be displayed. If the sidebar is blank, it will be hidden and only the system-standard sidebars will be diplayed.

Latest Postings: The 'latest postings' from each section listed on this page is pulled dynamically from the other web site pages, so you cannot add or remove them from here. To make a new item appear on this page you should post it to any other appropriate page.

Note: People will see ONLT items on pages they have access to! For example, if you post an item on a page accessible only to Board Members, then it will NOT show up on this page for non Board Members!

Administration of the WhatsNew page

There are no additional administration tasks for this page, beyond the editing instructions above.

The HOA News Headlines is visible only by Board Members and Web Site Administrators. The region displayed can be changed or turned off completely under Site Admin / Site Defaults / HOA News Headlines.

Further Help

In addition to context-sensitive help on each page, you can click the Email link on the lower left corner of each page to email the Association about Association issues.

You can also contact CondoConduit Web Support for help on web site issues or login problems by clicking the 'Web Site Support' link on the lower right corner of each page.