Home Page Page Overview:

This is the Home Page page. It displays text and optionally some images.

Viewing and Navigating the Home Page page

If there is more than one image, they are displayed in a slideshow format. The page layout is:

Page Layout

Editing the Home Page page

This page is for free-form text mixed with optional photos. It can be used to display whatever information you like: Building History, Neighborhood attractions, schedules and static policies.

You can edit the menu item name, the page content, contact information and the SlideShow displayed on it by clicking the Edit button. You can also edit the 'SideBar Text'. Depending on your browser, you may be able to use drag and drop OR the 'Add Files' button. You must click the 'Start Upload' button to upload the images.

Administration of the Home Page page

There are no additional administration tasks for this page, beyond the editing instructions above.

Further Help

In addition to context-sensitive help on each page, you can click the Email link on the lower left corner of each page to email the Association about Association issues.

You can also contact CondoConduit Web Support for help on web site issues or login problems by clicking the 'Web Site Support' link on the lower right corner of each page.