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Mainsail Test Page


Hello Mainsailors,                                                                        Please read!  There is important information including the project!


An update from the Mainsail Community.

A big Shout Out to the Courtesy Patrol, Mike, Bobbi and their team have done a great job with the new Guest Arrival Forms and the Parking Fee.  To date from March 1 to June 30 they have welcomed almost 2,000 guest cars into our community, not counting owner and owner family cars.  All this, while still being shorthanded in their department.  This is the busiest time of the year for them, and they have stayed on top of the job.  Thank you!

Not to be outdone by our Maintenance Team led by Eddie and Gary who are still 3 people short.  I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived on property on July 9th to see it in good shape.  Both the landscape, the pools, hot tub, and other areas looked clean and picked up. Trash was contained and everything was sanitized.  They have “all hands on deck” to keep this practice during peak season while trying to keep work orders up to date.  They so appreciate your patience during this time.  As you know, everywhere there is a worker shortage. We are not alone in these trying times. We seem to get applications and if they pass the interview stage, the drug testing, and the background screen, they don’t show up for the first day!  We don’t know if this is a check off for their unemployment status or if we are living in a different environment but we can’t seem to find some good matches for Mainsail.  A couple of weeks ago, our “new” Grounds Common Cleaner quit, leaving the Maintenance team with this job as well!  We appreciate our Maintenance Team especially during these hard times!

Our Administrative Staff have certainly held up their share as well.  Our GM, Shea has not only taken on contract renewals, new phone systems, cameras on the property, vendor & management meetings, data for committees, proposal reviews, reports, Aug & Oct meeting prep, deadlines, legal requirements, and license designation classes, but all the information she shares with our owners either in person or via e-mail / phone.  May is busy keeping guests happy and in taking mail and packages for owners and helping out where she can in the office. Perriann is an angel with taking on yet another level of billing for the Parking Fee on top of all the regular billing, work orders, emails, questions and most all phone calls that come through.   All this is going on while phones are out…. phones are working …. Internet out…..Internet working…..Cable out……Cable working!  It is truly a roller coaster!

They have also been welcoming new owners to our community. We are grateful to see new faces that see Mainsail as a beautiful community they can call home.

Did you know?…. Since early 2021 we have 14 new owners with 2 properties on the market and one pending contract.  A lot of movement at Mainsail!

Our community is truly blessed to have such a loyal group of employees.  I hope when you are on property and see any of them, please thank them for all their hard work this very busy season.

Valcourt Update – Donna Rupp, Shea and I met with the President of Valcourt Building Services of Florida.  Paul assured us that we are at the top of their Radar & their No. 1 priority to finishing this job.  We discussed what went right and what we thought could be better in Phase II.  Of course, we are in hopes that Building 2 and 4 won’t be as time consuming as Phase I. (Building 1 and 3) He stated they have found ways to do processing better and quicker.  They are experts in more areas than when they first arrived. They have brought on extra strategists, engineers and project managers that will help move this process along.  In addition, Paul assured us that we are fortunate to be in this position of our restoration in light of things that happened in Miami.  Engineers and Construction Companies are all inundated with calls and concerns.  We are 60% done on our project and we are assured that they are looking at everything with a fine-tooth comb while completing this much needed restoration.  Below is an overall schedule from Valcourt to give owners a better idea of the upcoming time frame. ***We ask you to please understand that when Valcourt is working on your tower / walkway, to adhere to the rules.  Last phase we had to stop on many occasions to put protection back on doors and windows due to guests renting and tearing open the coverings.  Any help from you and your guests to keep it moving will be greatly appreciated by everyone.

***Also,to expedite things this time, and to protect all parties, we ask all owners whose work is being done in Phase II (building 2 & 4) to take detailed pictures / videos of your (walkway / balcony side) doors, windows, (glass & frames) thresholds, railings etc. with a date stamp.  This is to help us should there be a problem with your unit during the process.   If you have a date stamped picture, we have a benchmark to see what it looked like before work was done.***  Valcourt team will be back on property starting a soft set up on August 30 and then will begin the real work on September 7.  A more detailed work schedule will follow as they begin to put their schedule together in August.  Donna will remain the Board liaison with Valcourt for Phase II.  She has done an excellent job representing us during this process.  Thank you, Donna!

There has been much concern and questions about our community because of the unfortunate accident in South Florida.  Please be assured we are in a great spot as we move into phase II of a project that directly addresses possible structural issues, stucco, and concrete repairs. We are surrounding ourselves with experts including our Engineers, Contractors, Attorney, and Insurance Agents to keep us abreast of next steps should we need to take any.  Our hearts and prayers continue to be with the families, Public Service community, politicians, and community at large ofChamplain Towers in Surfside, Florida.   



6.16.21   Regarding the “Phase 2” Project

Hello owners,

We have received a preliminary schedule of what sequence Valcourt will be working in on the restoration project’s “Phase II”. Below is what was sent to us from them. Currently this is all we have. As soon as we get more details, we will fill you in. Perhaps this will help some of you to start planning!

“Here is the general sequence of the schedule for phase 2 that has been submitted.    We will issue a more detailed schedule and the exact dates will vary some based on the extent of the repairs on each drop, but the sequence shouldn’t change.   The general sequence for the balcony drops will be as follows:” 


Starting September 7th

Stack 4-4

Stack 4-3

Stack 2-8

Stack 2-7

Stack 2-6

Starting Mid-September – approx. Sept 20th

Drop 2-1 – East side & South side

Starting Late November

Stack 2-2

Starting December

Stack 2-5

Stack 2-4

Stack 2-3

Stack 4-2

Stack 4-1

Insurance Questions – One of our Owners asked if we could provide some information on our insurance.  Below are her questions and the answers from our Carrier:

  1. The hazard policy affords coverage for damage to the building including collapse subject to the terms and conditions of the policy.  After a loss has taken place, the adjuster will look at the facts and determine the coverages available.   The association carries the following policies:
  1. How would insurance work in these different scenarios?    

This would depend on the cause of loss.  Fisher Brown Bottrell would report the claim       information to the insurer, the adjuster would look at the facts to make a determination.

  1. Current replacement insurance coverage for Mainsail Building is $15,766 mil.  I did note that replacement cost is named on the Building I Declaration page.    Does this serve as a certification replacement cost report?  If not, do we need this document?  How frequently is this replacement cost updated? 

 I’m not certain where this value is coming from, each buildings value is based on the 2020 appraisal provided by Sedgwick Valuation Services.  




60 Unit Building


$15,000,000 (maximum available through NFIP)

66 Unit Building


$16,500,000 (maximum available through NFIP)

32 Unit Building


$8,000,000 (maximum available through NFIP)

32 Unit Building


$8,000,00 (maximum available through NFIP)

10 Unit Building


$2,500,000 (maximum available through NFIP)

South Pool House



South Swimming Pool, Wading Pool & Spa


Flood coverage is not available

Guard House



Maintenance Building



North Pool House



Parking/Fire Control/Mechanical Bldg


Fire Control /Mechanical Bldg only $90,000, Parking deck is not roofed or walled so ineligible for flood

Perimeter Lights (total of 8)


Flood coverage is not available

Tennis Court Lighting (total of 8)


Flood coverage is not available

Carport  Structure 1


Flood coverage is not available

Carport Structure 2


Flood coverage is not available

Carport Structure 3


Flood coverage is not available

Carport Structure 4


Flood coverage is not available

Pool Fence south


Flood coverage is not available

Perimeter Fence & Gates


Flood coverage is not available



Flood coverage is not available

North Pool Fence


Flood coverage is not available

Tennis/Shuffleboard Courts


Flood coverage is not available



Flood coverage is not available

This has been a lengthy update but one that we needed to send prior to our Board Meeting in August so you would get a better feel of where we are and how your board will continue to do their best moving our community forward.  Please feel free to reach out to any of your Board members should you have a question. 

We hope to see you at the August meeting!

Enjoy the sunsets!

Lona Pope – President BOD

Contact Info: Christina Cole