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Property Taxes

Where can I park?

How to obtain an HVAC filter grille

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Our building's website is at

Property Taxes

Information about property tax payments, homeowner exemptions, online tax payment, and etc, can be found at the Cook County Treasurers Office (

Information about assessments can be found at the Cook County Assessors Office (

We are in Town: South Chicago, Neighborhood Number 011
We are class 2-99: Residential Condominium
Property index numbers range from 17-21-210-138-1001 to -1022 (townhomes), and from 17-21-210-139-1001 to -1156 (midrise)

Assessments are reviewed on a Triennial Schedule.
For City of Chicago: South Chicago, 2006/2009/2012/etc

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Parking Information

Guest Passes are good for 24 hours.  All passes must be filled out properly at all times.  Please contact David or your property manager to obtain parking passes.

All residents can tow violators.

The towing company is Lincoln Towing, 773-237-0006.  The password for towing is "twister"

In order to tow, you need to provide the vehicle's make and model, and the license plate number.

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How to get a HVAC filter grille [this information is out-of-date] 

In most of the units in the MIDRISE building, the HVAC Air Filter is located in an almost inaccessible position, above the drywall ceiling near the heat exchanger. This makes filter replacement a difficult and unwelcome task. However, it is very important that this filter be changed periodically to avoid problems with the heat exchanger (see above).

All units have a Return Air Grille, generally located in the ceiling above the entry hallway. It turns out that it's fairly easy to replace the Return Grille with a Filter Grille that holds an HVAC Air Filter. This makes it much easier for you to change the filter.

You can get a Filter Grille at W. L. Engler Dist., Inc, located at 1035 N. Throop in Chicago. They are a little hard to find, adjacent to the freeway between Milwaukee and Elston - here's a map of their location. Their phone # is (773) 235-4924.

The part you want is the Lima Register Series 19 FG Horizontal Filter Grille, part # 19FG-20x20. The cost for the part is $27.53. It's an assembly that will hold a 20"x20" air filter, and it should fit into the 24"x24" opening in the ceiling. The part looks like this.

In principle, all you have to do is remove the screws holding in the Return Grille, place the new Filter Grille in place and screw it in. Then install a new air filter. [Important: I have not actually installed this (a few units in the building already have a filter grille) so if you do, please let me know your experience! Note that different size Filter Grilles are available.]

After installing the new filter, it will be very important to remove the old filter from its old location! You should use duct tape to close any opening left behind after removing the filter.

Feel free to contact the building engineer, David Ilyaguyev, if you need help.

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Building Engineer

Please also see the Management page.

Burnham Station/Midrise Building Engineer – David Ilyaguyev

Cell #: 312-804-5408 - Basement office #: 312-225-9228


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