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Quincy Park Links

Quincy Park is now managed by EJF Real Estate. You can set up your payments and other tasks through their site:

The quickest way to get service or questions answered by EJF is through their maintained Customer Service email or phone number: or 202-537-1801. While our portfolio manager may be in the field, EJF has a full time cadre of customer service represenatives who are there to help.

After Hours EJF Line: (202)537-1801 Option #5.


View the Updated Quincy Park Resident's Handbook










Thank you for your help keeping our community safe!

Install Floodstop Today.

Water incursions that damage your home and your neighbors' properties are preventable.

Do the responsible thing - your compliance can make a big difference in lowing Quincy Park's insurance premium.





Do Your Part for Getting Quincy Park Back on Track to Lower Insurance Premiums!

Get Your HVAC Serviced. And Pour 1/4 Cup of Bleach Down Your Condenser Drain

It's the Right thing to Do - Protect Yourself. Protect Your Neighbors.

Call any of These Trusted Plumbers, or a Plumber of Your Choosing:



Magnolia Plumbing





A.B. Chelini


D.H. Stevens Plumbing




Plumbing Thursday: 2019 Update Coming

Plumbing Thursday - the day when in-unit plumbing repairs requiring a tier shut-off can be scheduled - is the third Thursday of every month.  

The deadline for scheduling your work is the Thursday prior to the scheduled Plumbing Thursday.

2019 Plumbing Thursday dates are:

​Should you be currently working on a construction project and waiting until the pre-scheduled day is a challenge, we will also offer a shutdown on the 4th Wednesday of the month, for the same fee with advanced notice provided.

To ensure you are on the schedule, submit a service request through the link above, or contact Mashari Grissom - Quincy Park’s service administrator - at

Don’t forget to submit your payment of $100.00 to the Quincy Park front desk the Thursday prior to Plumbing Thursday.  

This fee is charged to defray the $350 cost required for the building engineer to supervise and manage the shut down. If no requests are sumbitted for a Plumbing Thursday, then there will be no tier shut-downs that month.


Bulk Trash Pick Up


If you have bulk trash please reach out to the front desk to arrange for a date in which to dispose of your items.


Is your HVAC not producing hot or cold air as you expect?

Have you reset your HVAC unit and hot or cold air is still not being produced?  

While this may be an issue with your own HVAC unit, there is a possibility that there is an issue with one of Quincy Park's central systems including:

1.  One of the two closed loop boilers that provide heat to each unit's heat pump; or,

2.  The cooling tower that cools the compressors that drive each resident's HVAC unit.



CONTACT EJF's 24-HOUR SERVICE LINE AT (202)537-1801 Option #5 IF:

Call 911 immediately if you smell natural gas.

Non-Resident Owners: Please let your renters know about the EJF emergency line (202)537-1801 Option #5.

Report any N Street Village Alarms here and don't forget to call (202) 590-4389 and (202) 627-2827 to reach N Street Village staff 24x7


Open Board Meeting Dates



Quincy Park Property Management Team

Emergency Lock Out Service



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